Monday, December 1, 2014

Cantina Lena

This restaurant, has just opened by Tom Douglas, one of big restauranteurs in town, in the downtown area right next to Cinerama.  5th and Lenora.  Even I know where it is.  OK, I worked at 4th and Lenora about a jillion years ago.

Mexican restaurant.  Everything wood-fired.  So why is this so important?  Like have I ever been to any of this guy's fancy restaurants?

But guess what he is featuring in a freezer case as a dessert?  Yeah, our very own pops made by Megan!!!

No kidding, start at the top, why not?  He likes to feature local products.

Susanna and Megan went to the soft opening on Saturday.  She called and asked if Dennis and I would like to go tonight.  And, of course, order a popsicle.  Ooooo, I really wanted to.  But I have a team meeting and Dennis says he HAS to work this evening.  Susanna takes off for Birmingham tomorrow.  We'll do it when we all come back from Birmingham.  (yes we are going to Alabama weekend after next to Susanna's graduation)

But here's to this new restaurant doing really well and lots of people enjoying the popsicles!

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