Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Winter landscape - Northern Kitsap Peninula

On Sunday, Charl took us out to breakfast and he put in a plug for a trip on the Edmonds ferry.  Sun was out, we had time so why not:?  If we walked on, it really wouldn't be too much time.  And it was still darn cold.  I suggested that we go back, get some warmer clothes and get cameras.  We did.

Not too many people at Edmonds during a beautiful but frigid last day of the holiday weekend.  We parked and walked onto the next ferry.  With coast guard escort, but that's another post.  It was beautiful and a great end to the visit.  The last three times he's come, he's ridden that ferry.  Maybe a new one next time.

One of the pictures he sent me.  He goes for the dramatic and the pop.  It did look like this, maybe not this dramatic.  But the Olympic mountains were out and the air was clear.  The snow in Kingston added the the brightness.  He says that he works the image until it's how he sees it.  So, that's truth.

Coming into Kingston....

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