Sunday, November 16, 2014

Shout out to my husband

I want to give my husband credit for all of his help and attention yesterday and, well, all the time.

Yesterday, he brought all of my materials including refreshments over to the Rep Meeting I was running.  Also including over 90 binders I made to give out to new members.  (remember all those really cheap binders?)  He brought them all into the church...even when we had to move the drumming group.  And then he came back two hours later to pick me and the rest of the stuff up.  Luckily the place where we held the meeting was not too far away.

In between, he went to Costco (he hates to go to Costco) and did our sparkling cider run.  We always buy a ton of sparkling cider for the holidays.  It's great because everybody (my kids now grown) can drink as much as they want!  Mostly.  He bought 32 bottles, that should keep us going, don't you think.

Then he took me to Bellevue to see that alternative doctor, prolotherapy and all that.  was with me the whole time (over two hours) and we came home.  We went and had burritos though.  We like to have dinner there Saturday nights.  I originally went there with a coupon and, well, we've never left.  Taqueria La Raza spoils mexican food anywhere else.  Whenever we have mexican food somewhere else, we say "It was ok but not La Raza"

Pretty nice to have a husband like that!  I like him!

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