Monday, November 17, 2014

Eastern Europe - Don't want to go there

Here are two videos that came to my attention yesterday.  First was from NPR showing three minutes of film taken by the author's grandfather on a vacation trip to his home village in Poland.  Jewish neighborhood 1938.  We know what will eventually happen but they don't.  In 1938, the Nazis had not yet invaded Poland so they may have seemed far away.  The actual video is from the Holocaust museum website.  I can't figure out how to embed it so you have to click on the link.

The second was from Reuters and youtube.  New video showing the immediate aftermath of the airliner that went down in Ukraine in July.  Shot down by somebody; likely the so called Russian separatists.

To me, there was an eery similarity.  Taken 76 years apart.  Different countries.  But somehow a lot the same.

Made me now want to go to Eastern Europe.  Though my paternal grandmother's family came from the Pale in Ukraine in the late 19th century.  And my paternal grandfather's family came about the same time from Poznan, western Poland or maybe eastern Prussia about that same time.

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