Saturday, November 29, 2014

Big water at Edmonds

Last night it was supposed to snow.  Everything falls apart in Seattle when it snows.  But, woke up this morning to just find a dusting.  But cold.  And sunny but windy.  I wanted to provide Charl with some scenic setting for photography.  We thought about going all the way to Port Townsend but the weather was just too much.  I suggested the dog beach at Edmonds.  So I made a big morning meal, we bundled up.  It was gale force winds at Edmonds with a wind chill of 16 degrees.  Bracing.  Freezing!

The water was all shipped up on the sound, coming into shore in fast rough waves.  Huge whitecaps roaring in.  Our goal was 10 minutes but I think we made 20.  The dog had a great time.  Charl took pictures.  We made one photo stop on the way back.  On the dock in front of the ferry the water slammed into the seawall sending up geysers of spray.

I'm featuring a picture I took at the second stop of the spray hitting the wall.  You can see other rough water.  Wild and violent out there.  Charl took all kinds of pictures with his new fancy camera.  I hope to put one of his up later.  You'll see the quality difference.

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