Friday, November 28, 2014

Boeing tour

We went on the Boeing Tour in Everett today at Charl's request.  Nothing quite like that.  Yes, they have a whole bunch of Boeing stuff at the giftshop and a fair number exhibits.  A power failure disabled a bunch of the exhibits.  You do have to sit through a rather entertaining piece about Boeing and their airplanes.

The best part, which nobody could duplicate is that they bus you over to the main building, a huge assembly plant and take you to two sites where you are on a mezzanine overlooking the main maufacturing floor.  A view of extreme complexity.  But you can really see how it all works, it's right out there.  Not that you can understand how it's done.  Extremely impressive; though it makes you feel a bit uneasy to see the planes in parts.

They're pretty strict about no cameras or phones but I found some pictures online which give the feel of the view.  They had a photo booth on the main floor where you could have your group photographed for free, the pick a background and email it back to you.  I picked the factory floor background.  Susanna and Megan came with us.

Then back to the house for the Thanksgiving leftover meal.  Most of the thanksgiving food is gone.  Doesn't take much!  I even made up some more mashed potatoes to even things out.

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