Friday, October 24, 2014

Marysville-Pilchuck High School

The story of the day in our region.  Another school shooting.  How many do there have to be before guns are not in people's hands.  People who want to exert their power over others by shooting them.

How close am I to Marysville Pilchuck high school?  27 miles.  It's not close.  Have I been there?  Yes, during softball days.  It's a big school in a small town.  North of Everett, near the Tulalip tribe.

Today, there was a shooting at this high school.  Two students died (including the shooter) and 4 in very serious condition.  Shot in the head, very bad, very very bad.  You can never be the same, very tragic.  Sounds like the responders handled the situation appropriately.  Securing the school, evacuating the students.  They bussed the students to a local church where families met them.  Everyone in a state of shock and trauma.  A lot of people where Dennis works live north so many left as soon as they heard about it.

The Seattle Times website is not responding.  I was driving around today so I listened to the radio coverage.  This afternoon, they hadn't identified the victims, not publicly.

Certainly this is a picture you never want to see.  Group of students being escorted out of school by a police guy with scary looking gun ...looking like a machine gun.  The panicked frightened parents, the traumatized teens.  What if you didn't hear from your kid, could they be one at the hospital?

From the Seattle Times website

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