Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I'm looking, looking looking.for

Jane DeAngelo
Dan Schaeffer

children of Daniel A. Schaeffer and Elizabeth Reich Schaeffer.  descendants of Louis Weil for my cemetery project.  I think I may have found them, though I have not got a response yet.  Interesting that I found them through low quality extractor kind of websites.   Wesites that combine information from elsewhere putting things together making it look like they really know.  But sometimes I've found that there's hints, people that are put together in places at times where it starts to make sense.

Even used one of those automated real estate sites to realize that Esther Weil, one generation back lived with her daughter and her husband in a house in Greenwich.

For awhile yesterday, I was following another Dan Schaeffer, an Assistant Attorney General in Hartford.  But it just wasn't falling together, he was too young.  He lived with his mother, it didn't look like he had any children.  Just didn't hang.

I'm also looking for John Gregory Speed who wrote the dissertation on A. D. Beittel and Tougaloo College.  Initial efforts seem to show a sex offender so that's not so great.  I hope that does not pan out.  He clearly wrote this dissertation without contacting the family.  I have some great comments for him.  I had written him at the University of Southern Mississippi but he did not reply.

Even though I haven't quite got what I need yet, I did find something else. The web is still good for that.  Listening to some great django music from the DeAngelo trio, father and sons maybe from Pennsylvania.  I recommend them!

Plus I think I have a dog sitter.  Yay!

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