Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New testament legos

Ya gotta love Lego lessons.

This week is heavy reading for my Gospels class.  The professor makes very complete comprehensive slides.  But instead of going through them in class, he assumes that you've already reviewed them, he just wants discussion and questions.

This we're doing Matthew PLUS Luke-Acts.  That's a LOT.  I can barely get through them.  Actually I won't.  Plus chapters in a difficult commentary book.  For tomorrow's lecture, he has 125 slides!  Since I'm hitting a lot of this cold... I've spent a bunch of time, well spent.  There's a lot to learn.

Despite my general antipathy towards Christianity.

Also reading some commentary regarding the Narrow Gate, Matthew 7:13.  Nobody is breaking my way.  Not one has come close to relating the Narrow Gate to mitzrayim, the narrow place, the personal narrow place.  Could be one of my ideas that goes nowhere.  I've had those before.

But who can resist lego people.  Are they all men?  This guy definitely looks masculine.  He's acting out some people fraudulent representing the Jesus movement and what happens to them.

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