Sunday, October 26, 2014

Reading the gospels

That is what I'm doing; reading the gospels.  That's the class that I'm taking.  A lot of reading and I know I'm just skimming through this.

I've always thought the Christian symbols and the pictures held great power.  Especially for me who is not a Christian.  btw for those that wish to convert you, you just look them straight in the eye and say "I am a Jew" and they leave you alone.  Too far gone, beyond the pale, foreign.  Who knows?

When I see a cross or a Jesus, my first reaction is stress and agitation.  Run!  Get away!  Fright.  Oppression.  These people will hurt you.  Don't go near.  My husband was a bit surprised by my reaction.  Once, a long time ago when we had adult education in the religious school (which my kids did not attend too many years, just couldn't pull it off), I borrowed some Christian items, a wooden cross, a Jesus picture and I wanted to explore the feelings that these items triggered in us.

But everyone was too agitated to even think about it.  My program failed.  I think that people unconsciously wanted to distance themselves from anything that looked like that.  They couldn't listen.

So as I'm reading the Gospel of John, I challenged myself to put a Jesus picture on my blog.  Ooooooh, a tough one.  A lot of language so far of Jesus challenging maybe even bullying people to believe him. At least in the first half or so.

So I looked for a Jesus picture.  He's often portrayed as a white man with a beard and long hair.  I wanted to show him declaring and teaching, saying.

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