Friday, March 17, 2017

Us protesting last week

Last week, Dennis and I went for a half-day protest in Olympia with NARAL about abortion rights.

Olympia, as usual, was sleepy.

The photo shows the group (somewhat diminished) towards the end of the day sitting on the steps of the rotunda in the the Capitol building.  You can see Dennis and me way up in the upper right.  Dennis in the red sweatshirt, the top of his head almost cut off.  I'm to the right with a pussy hat (thank you Colette!) on partially obscured.

We have just been standing in the rain for an hour or so.  Which explains our somwhat bedraggle demeanor.  That seems to be how it is  protesting and marching in the Northwest.  Now the Women's march was good weather; everything since involves standing in the rain.  Getting cold and wet.

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