Wednesday, March 22, 2017

More cemetery drama

So it's going along, actually it's done but what, exactly is done?

Especially working with older people (like me, like my cousin Mary Ann) who, though they've seen it a zillion times, can't quite keep it straight.

So I've come up with the design and the lettering, it will be a raised stone, it will be next to Delia (great grandmother to Mary Ann and I).

We've paid the money (over $1100, ok these things cost).  So I asked Mary Ann to go look at the site again just so we know how things will fit.

I asked on the eve of that giant storm they had last week.  Well, not today, maybe.

So she goes out there and sends me this picture

There are two footstones cleared, Delia is on the right.  So will we be to the left or right of Delia.  I think to the right but truly it does not matter.

But what got me (and her) was the stone in the back.

Waidaminute, I thought it was this one:

Our great great grandparents.  Not Maier but close.  So where's this stone?  It's the one, yes that's the one Mary Ann remembers.  But neither of us can remember where this is.  So, next time Mary Ann goes out there, she will figure it out.

Because, really, I'm going into the old section and I can't change a darn thing.  So it's that kinda rough rectangular stone with the name Weil on it which will be the main stone marking the site.

But what's with the bush???"??  I mean, that's an ugly bush.  Can we lose the bush? asks Mary Ann.  I show it to Dennis.  Who cares about the bush? he says.  Ask John Nolan, the cemetery guy, says Mary Ann.

Is there anything else written on the stone under "Weil" obscured by the bush?

Why were we so confused?  How come neither of us remember the bush?  I've been to Delia's grave a lotta times, Mary Ann many times more.

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