Saturday, March 11, 2017


Woke up this morning and saw this in the paper.  Somebody defaced part of the old sanctuary, the portion of the old building left standing at Temple De Hirsch Sinai.  They wrote "The Holocaust is Fake History."  I am furious!!  Nobody goes marking up my Old Sanctuary!  The police are investigating this as a hate crime.  Apparently somebody in the neighborhood covered up with a sheet marked Love Wins.

The head rabbi, Rabbi Weiner, said "

“It was a very sweet gesture and touching, but we took it down … I think it’s extremely important that people see this.”

Apparently the message on the sandwich board announces that they will keep up the graffiti so that all can see it; we will not hide it.

It's true, this infuriates me.  I have not called up the temple and I'm pretty peripheral.  But I do not want anybody messing with this!  NO!!!!!

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