Friday, March 10, 2017

NARAL rallly in Olympia

Dennis and I went down to Olympia to participate in the NARAL (supporting reproductive freedom) event and rally.  Most of it was inside but we did have a rally on the steps.  I took the picture which means I'm not in it.

It was cold; it was rainy.  I am so tired of cold and rainy; especially protesting outside in cold and rainy.  It's sunny right now this second, whatttt?

What struck me in our small group discussion prior was that almost all of the women first got medical care and birth control from Planned Parenthood.  And they appreciated those services mightily.

So much to protest, no much to do.

We've agreed that supporting the undocumented immigrant community is an important focus.  We were both affected by our participation in the modest monthly protested at the immigration prison.  All people living in the US are covered by the Bill of Rights, including due process and there is NO place for an invisible secret police.

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