Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Yippee! Mishkan Israel Cemetery!

Yay!  This idea seemed very far fetched when I started but, according to Mishkan Israel, it's going to work.  The old section of Mishkan Israel cemetery in New Haven CT.  Where the 19th century German families are buried.  My parents and my mother's family all there.  With all of my work, I felt like I know all those folks.  When I visit New Haven, we always ALWAYS go to the cemetery and visit everybody, make sure they're still there.

My guy is Maier Zunder, my great great grandmother, he has a monument at the center.  Then there's Paul Weil, another great grandfather.  Friend and associate of Maier Zunder.  Maier's daughter Delia (my greant grandmother) married Paul Weil's son Charles.  My grandmother was an only child.  I don't think Delia was happy in the marriage and she died young, in her forties.  She's the Delia of my Delia Wall, in my mother's (and now my) living room.  In 1898, Charles and his brother Louis bought 4 plots in front of their parents for themselves and their wives.  But Charles remarried and he's buried down the way with his second wife.  Mary Ann had the original deed, which she gave to me.  There's an extra spot.

Mary Ann (my cousin) and I hatched the idea that maybe I should try to get that extra spot for myself and my husband.  Several years, bunches of family trees and research, gathering of releases and following up ensued.   Much stalling.  But they called today and said that my name has been put on that extra spot originally intended for Charles Weil.  Just 10-20 yards from Maier Zunder's spot.

Oh yeah, now I've got to make sure it all happens.  Mary Ann says she knows the person who does the stone work.

Dennis is happy about it too.  We will be in front of the big Weil marker and right next to Delia.

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