Sunday, November 27, 2016

Visitng some old friends

My brother, Charlie, always likes to go on a ferry ride.  Maybe a little more ambitious, like the San Juan Islands?  If I can get dog babysitting.  Yes, Uncle Dan next door says he can do Saturday.  So that's the day we'll go.  Remember when we used to go visit the B family up on San Juan Island.  We went when the kids were little.  We had so much fun.  Who can believe that they would let us come visit and stay overnight with *four* kids.  They had one son Sam.  But then, the kids got older and we didn't go any more.  And we lost touch.  Hope they are doing well.  It's been a LONG time.  So I get their phone number and leave a message.  And Linda calls back and says Saturday would be great.  Let's go!  So I offer up some turkey sandwiches, yes bring them.  So we go to Anacortes and walk on and Linda picks us up.  Just like the old days.  We had the best time, ate the sandwiches, Bob had some great leftover pie.  It's dark, wet and cold.  They borrow their neighbor's Suburban (with an empty gas tank, natch) and we go on a tour.

We stopped at a beach area, I'm guessing it was Lime Kiln State Park and walked down to the shore.  It's cold and it's wet.  Here are the four of us, adults of a certain age, taken by my brother.  Actually, there's a lovely water view behind us.  We all have our parkas and hoods.  Actually my coat was an impulse purchase at the ferry dock, I now look like I should be directing cars with hand signals.  Says WSF (Washington State Ferries) in big letters on it.  We look like we are having a good time and we are!

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