Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

I forgot to get the group shot (like I usually do) but here's the lineup at the food table.  We had 10 this years so we moved our dining room table to the living room and put the extra boards in it and set up the portable table in the dining room.

In the picture are my brother Charlie, my daughter in law's sister Lindsey, my other daughter in law Jessica, Lindsey and Megan's dad, Dave, Dennis brother Bryan and Susanna.  Not in the picture are me, Dennis, Megan and Danny.

Ilana had her own Thanksgiving in Indiana today with over 20 people.

Naomi is lost in the wilds of Mokpo, Korea.  I did skype her with Thanksgiving greetings; just talked with her; she's made a bunch of baby booties.

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