Friday, September 16, 2016

Naomi's classroom

Everybody has a week off in Korea.  Naomi, in Mokpo, doesn't really have anybody to hang out with and not much to do.  So she went to Seoul (at least a 5 hour train ride) and met up with some of the EPIK people.  She has been on her own in so many Asian cities, pretty astounding.  She's back in Mokpo now, safe and sound.

She thought the principal wanted her to decorate her classroom.  Pictured.  But she only came with 2 suitcases, has little money, etc.  She says there's hardly any room to decorate.  Windows on two sides of the classroom, the front has the blackboard.  She doesn't think anything sticks to the cement on either side of the blackboard.  But she has two sisters who are eager to help, just say the word and they will collect materials to send to her.

She's not sure how....

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