Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Computer failure

My computer failed on Sunday.  I thought I had regular backups but, turns out, I didn?t.  Why does backup ALWAYS fail.  All my work, pictures, aaack.  Brought it to a data recovery place and paid priority.  It's Wednesday and I still don't have it.  They say, they recovered the files though the disk drive was failing.  However, they've found some malware and they need to fix it so it's safe.  They told me not to worry but not sure it will be done today.  Naomi used this place with good results.

Dennis went to Frys and got me a new PC and has spent a lot of timessetting it up.  Good thing he's retired!  I have an image of my files from April and a recent printout of all the writing.  But I really really want my files back.  Aaaack!

Update:  I did get the rescued disk today and, thanks to Dennis, almost everything is set up.  Some new problems.  Still don't know the best backup option.

Whew, this has been a long 3 days and approx $800 later....

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