Monday, August 15, 2016

On the Santa Cruz pier

During last weekend's facilities, we went to a fancy dinner at a restaurant on the Santa Cruz pier.  Sunny Saturday in August, the tourist area around the pier, beach and boardwalk were packed.  Several of the young people wanted to go to the Boardwalk (generally disappointed) and put in a word at one of the restaurants.  They called and said they even had a parking place for us right at the end of the pier.  So Dennis loaded up the van and we did it, we drove right out on the pier where three young people were squatting on a parking place for us.  Everybody's wearing their Seattle Pops teashirts.  Thanks to Charl for picking up the bill.  Afterwards, I wanted a picture, we searched around, found a place and I hailed the next person to walk past us on the crowded pier, turned out to be a security guard.

So there's all eleven of us last Saturday evening!

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