Friday, August 19, 2016

Birthday cats

Ilana had her thirtieth birthday during our trip.  She wanted to go to a cat cafe in San Jose so we did.  This one was not a cafe; but a meeting place for cats who need homes to meet people.  For $10/hour you get to hang out in a pleasant place with cats.  Ilana's been to similar ones in San Francisco and Singapore, maybe Chicago.  Pleasant place in an older (yet still unaffordable) neighborhood.  We just hung out; quite a number of cats.  Some were friendly (like this one) some not so much.  A fair amount of cat drama where one cat didn't like what another cat was doing. This particular cat who is all lovey but also staged a pretty big time cat fight with somebody else.

You want to tone down cat drama?  Put something in between them (like a file folder) so they can't see the other guy.  It worked well.

So a pretty pleasant time if you like cats.

I'm having some limited time Skype messaging in the middle of the afternoon (just as she's getting up) with Naomi who is in Pusan, Korea.  Pusan is a huge city, it turns out.  She's at an orientation for the teaching program she is in.  She just met a young woman that she sold a popsicle to at the Mercer Island farmers market the day before they left.  How crazy is that???

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