Sunday, May 1, 2016

Word Picture

Naomi made this word picture from my blog.  Though I think it's just 1 particular entry.  She's supposed to have an interview for her possible teaching job in Korea.  Soon.  Hope this all works out!

Next weekend, on Mother's Day, my kids around here and their partners (Danny, Jessica, Susanna, Megan) will come over here next Sunday (Mother's Day) to plant my containers.  If I have the plants and the dirt and everything together, it doesn't take long.  And I'll buy pizza at the end.  I asked Melina, my grandaughter, if she would like to come.  She said yes.  We'll see if she comes; she's done it before when she was younger and, at that time, thought it was a lot of fun.  She was in charge of the hose to water the newly planted pots.  But we have not seen her very much these last two years.  But I'm not giving up on her....

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