Tuesday, May 3, 2016


So many things going on at UW.  You just have to keep your eye out and be willing to attend things that you don't know much about.  Because I'm a class member, I often hear of events related to the class and the faculty.  I got a notice of a showing of the  documentary "Perween Rahman; the Rebel Optimist" with the filmmaker Mahera Omar attending.  Put on by South Asian student student association.  So we go.  We're the only 'older' people there.  We are welcomed.  20-30 people there.  Delicious Samosas (fried potato vegtable things).  Wonderful film about Pakistani architect and planner who worked in the poor areas of Karachi.  Assassinated in 2013.  Thoughtful Q&A afterwards.  In a chemistry lecture hall.

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