Friday, May 20, 2016

SSRN sells out to Elsevier

They announced this this week and I just happened to run into it as I was reading a philosophy author who featured his SSRN page on his website so I went to take a look.  Otherwise, I might not have seen it for months.

I used to work for SSRN, I worked for them for 14 years, one of the first people they hired.  For many years, I was a true believer.  I even had a small stake until they forced me to sell out.  I had a difficult time the last few years for many unexplained and convoluted reasons. 

But that was over more than six years so I can say.  When I was working there, I was always very careful to never ever mention my employer though I did write about some of my experiences. 

So they finally got a deal to sellout.  Only took 22 years.

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