Sunday, May 29, 2016

Folklife 2016

Folklife is a big mutli-cultural participatory festival at Seattle Center every Memorial Day weekend at Seattle Center.  When we were younger, we liked to go a lot.  But it was hard to bring the kids so we used to split with our friends.  Dennis and Perry would go one day.  Laura and I would go another.  But I've stopped going because I just don't like all the crowds. Not enough indoor venues.  But Dennis always wants to go.  Or says he wants to go.  Often doesn't go so much.

But after watching our SIFF movie Kedi (movie about Istanbul and cats, really) right near Seattle Center, the plan was to go over to Folklife.  Weather crummy so really not so crowded.  (Good for us, not for Folklife).  We have a plan to see the Croation Showcase indoors.  Went over and who do I see first off?  Laura, of course!  So we all hung out together for awhile.

Really enjoyed the Croatian show, great band.  Laura wants to go see the Bulgarian Women's chorus at another indoor place.  So we go over there.  First the shape-singers, the what?  Oh wait, we've seen them before.  Pretty odd, note for future outings, no shape-singers.  Then the Bulgarian Women's chorus, pictured, good, Dennis says we've seen them before, we have?  Laura wants to go see some fiddler, she goes off.  Dennis wants to see some Native American dancing and drumming in the same place.  Big red.

We go home.  He wants to go over tomorrow, I dunno.

Oregon won their first game at the Super Regional against UCLA, just one more game and they go to the World Series.

Today, off to Harstene with the rellies.

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