Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Got me a seder invite

Yikes a whole week since I've written.  I got something that Dennis brought home from work.  We have both been so sick.  He's better; I'm getting better but not there yet.

But in some positive news, we've got a seder invite.  Yay!  I've hosted a seder before but with my best daughter cooks not around, it's hard to take it on myself.  I didn't have that much connection with the Jewish community.  So I would wait until something would come my way.  Or not.  Dennis says, with all of your work in the Jewish community this past year, you think something would work out.

And so, this year, something has.  My eye doctor, with whom I have a lot in common, is Orthodox.  She had called Naomi as Naomi did owe her some money.  Naomi had so many questions because she's going to host. What about this?  What about that?  Dr. H said if Naomi was in Seattle, she would invite her to theirs.  My mom needs a seder, Naomi says, no Dr. H said of course she's invited.  I've known here for many years, we both have a lot of kids, she both have New Haven connections, we just always have a lot to talk about,

This Seder will be all out Orthodox, doesn't start until it's dark, not until after 8 pm.  But we'll do it and are grateful.

This is one good thing about hosting, you can invite people, that's a fun part.

Picture from a white house seder.  I always get a good feeling from these.  Not like some Christian seders which always seem to have a mocking patronizing tone.

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