Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Garden Bazaar

I've looked a little closer at the doings of the brand new Ladies Auxiliary of Temple De Hirsch.  The congregation was formed in May 1899 and the Ladies Auxiliary formed itself in September.  Originally they only wanted to include unmarried women, these young women wanted the organization to be their own.  But that didn't work as, during the first year, a number of them married themselves so that requirement was dropped.

But they were ambitious; those women could raise money like you can't believe.  They wanted a building and they announced and elaborate Garden Bazaar for November of that same year 1899..  According to my sources, this event raised $3200 which provided for most of the money needed to purchase the land outright at Marion Street and Boylston Ave.

This Bazaar has a similar format to the one given in 1905.  I'm sure Temple De Hirsch wasn't the only 'church group'; who put these on.  If I had more time, I would see how their bazaars compared to those that other church groups put on.

Most all information is from newspaper articles.  Not much records remain in the archives.  An ad and a drawing, both from the Seattle Times.

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