Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2004 Civil War

I just can't resist this picture.  I put  on the Oregon Ducks Facebook page, don't know if they'll do anything with it.

 I think this picture originated with the Register Guard. First Pac 10 game 2004. In the rain. My daughter's first pac 10 game as a freshman. Civil War. Oregon State. The Ducks are behind 7-0 going into the bottom of the 7th. Not so great for the home team. But this and that start happening and the Ducks start circling the bases. This is my daughter Suzie Barnes scoring the winning run on Breanne Sabol's single.  Ducks win 8-7

I wasn't there; it was a mid-week game under the 'old' (but elegant) schedule.

We'r e planning on a trip in April to Eugene to see the new stadium and watch some softball.  Yay!  Maybe even get some passes.  Eat some ice cream.  See some filbert trees.

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