Friday, February 26, 2016

1987 Me and my mom

I found this picture in a folder during my cleanup campaign.  Trying to get rid of a tub of stuff every day.  The folder was from the Town Centre Mall in our neighborhood.  The back indicates that the pictures was from August 1987.  Not sure.  Could be.

If so, I would have been 35 and my mother 63.  Or close. My age now.  She sure looks thin in this picture.  That would have been about the time we moved into this house.  The very same one that I'm now trying to dejunk.  At that time, I would have had three kids 1,3, 5.  Before Naomi.  Already I was really deep in it.

They must have had something special set up.  The flowers make me think it might be Mother's Day so I'm not really sure of the timing.  As I've mentioned, I just had a different rhythm than my mom so she was often dissatisfied about how I was running my life.  But, as I eventually realized, I was doing it ok, just different.  We both struggled with this.

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