Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ilana's birthday parties

From the archive. 

It's Ilana's birthday and we're having a party at the Civic Club just a mile or so from our house on Lake Washington.  We might make various plans for her birthday party but usually some catastrophe intervened and we ended up at the Civic Club anyway.  I would plan to have it at the pool and find out there's a diving meet taking over the pool.  One time, we were going to have a bike ride but we gave out confusing information and nobody knew where to go.  Other things, we might as well plan to have it at the Civic Club because that's where it ended up anyway.

I'm guessing Ilana's about 5 years old here, so 1991?  That's all four of my kids with me on my side of the table.  Danny, Susanna, Ilana and then Naomi on the very right.  I think that's neighbor Lauren in the middle.  Who knows what other guests found their way to the party this particular time.

Apparently we had cupcakes

A friend of mine now said that she remembers seeing me at the Civic Club before she knew me.  She said she marveled that this mom (me) never sat down, always running after some kid or another.

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