Wednesday, December 9, 2015

To restoration

Yesterday, as part of a very long day, a very long rainy day...

How rainy was it?. 

Yesterday 1.46 inches
Last seven days:  4.38 inches

This was after 8.37 inches in November.

This has been one soggy place.  I am grateful to Dennis who asked what he could do to make this week easier and I suggested that he drive me to Redmond where I had to speak.  He did, in the rain, I appreciated it.

Anyway back to the long eventful day, part of it was to have an appointment with the restoration expert and the archivist to look at the materials from the 1907 cornerstone box.  Finally, we had somebody to look at it.  A deed of gift to UW had to be signed; no problem.

I felt that we got very good attention from the restoration specialist; she seemed interested in the material and being able to keep as much as possible.

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