Saturday, December 12, 2015

Best Latkes yet

Dennis declared this year's batch of latkes the best yet.  I gathered the ingredients as well as the tried and true recipe from the early 1960s Mosaic Law cookbook.  I was expecting nine, but ended up with five.  The G flake.  But Susanna, Megan and Megan's mom Melody came over.  Susanna and Megan made the latkes.  We trebled the recipe thinking we would have tons left over.  But only two remained which I sent home with Susanna along with some of the brisket.

Picture showing the platter of latkes next to the crystal bowl of homemade applesauce.  Pretty yummy dinner, about the best.

Plus I have found a home for my marble plaque.  Temple says that they will accept it.  My old sanctuary buddies and I are mighty pleased that it will return where it belongs.  I will deliver it next week.  Then Temple will have it and they will know they have it which are two very different things.

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