Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Table of Plenty

I snapped this picture at Thanksgiving pretty close to serving time.  One advantage of moving the main table into the living room is that you can set up the table in the dining room table up as a buffet and you eliminate all that passing.  But everything is not quite there.  The rolls have a spot but no rolls as we put them in the oven at the last minutes.  And, as usual, we almost forgot the cranberry.  We had the usual fresh cranberry plus special cranberry from Eliza.

That salad was particularly good. Later, it was the first leftover to go; all gone before I had a shot at it.  I'll ask Danny to make that again.

I serve my meal early (you can tell by the light) so there's plenty of time for others to go other places or just go home to nap.  Our numbers went up kind of at the last minute so Dennis and Charl had to reconnoitre and rehash.  Eventually took my mother's big table, put in all three boards and put it in the living room.

Indeed I'm fortunate to be able to host a reasonably large group.  I can generally fit people in (my biggest was 19; you have to move the couch for that.)  Dennis like to have everybody at one big table; I agree.

Plus Megan....

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