Tuesday, November 10, 2015



Susanna told me about this movie of identical twin sisters borh in Korea, separated at birth and placed separately.  Nobody seems to know why they were separated.  One, Anais, grew up in France and now is a London fashion designer.  The other, Samanthat, grew up in New Jersey and is an aspiring actress in Los Angeles.

Friends saw videos of the actress and she looked so much like Anais, they met through facebook.

This has DIRECT relationship to Susanna who, apparently, was part of a triplet group with one baby given for adoption (Susanna), and the others kept and raised as twins.

That's the story, I think it's true, mostly, somehow.

Susanna told me about the movie which I watched immediately.

Some stunning connections.  The twin researcher, Nancy Segal, featured in the movie is the same one that I worked with when we first heard the triplet story.  I told Susanna, she knows about you!

And, even more crazy, or maybe not.  Samantha gets a phone call from an adoption worker who has tried to contact Samantha and Anais' birthmother who denied everything.  Who?  Ben Sommers!  Her childhood friend who she grew up with, had seder with, practically her cousin.  Whoa!

There's a lot of connections.  But Susanna's case is much harder to work, because her triplet sisters don't know about her (the twins didn't either) and they don't know anything about adoption.

Still, stranger things have happened.

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