Monday, November 16, 2015

Plink mystery solved

Today I interviewed Norm S,  Remember I started with him last July.  I pitched my Immaculate Conception theory (thank you Mary Ann C) and he signed right on.  Yay!  I talked about plinking and he pointed out that I had the evidence in the pictures I already had.

Here's a portion of one of my confirmation pictures. look at the back of the pews.  There's the card holders on the back of the pews.  He says you plinked from the top.  He also said the seats were covered with dark gray velour; you could draw pictures on them with your finger.

He also showed me the materials from the cornerstone box.  Very intense.  He does want to find a home for them.

On the ongoing power outage front...last night when I went to my writing group, I noticed that several houses near the bottom of our cul de sac looked very dark.  When I came home, there were three City Light Trucks on our street and the houses were dark.  Looked like the hillside was all dark.

I mulled this over when I came home.  I thought, might even said aloud, What?  They had a power outage and they didn't invite us!  What's up with that?  We're always included in the power outage.

Yeah, you know that's a total jinx.  Bad as saying that it's a perfect game or a no-hitter when the game is still going on.  Everybody in the stands knows but nobody NOBODY says anything.

I called down to Dennis, asking him to check the City Light Outage map, one of my most used websites.  As soon as I said that, everything went dark.  Yeah, I had to do that.

Actually talked to a person who said they had to replace a transformer and they had to enlarge the outage to safely fix it.  Power came back on after midnight, disrupting everybody's sleep.