Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Maybe Cash?

That's a dog, not currency.

I have a friend (Eleni) who is blind and has a service dog named Cash, a standard poodle.  Cash and I have a special thing going.  He always gets so excited when he sees me, dancing and greeting, carrying on.  Eleni usually just hands me the leash so Cash can have his exciting moments.

Eleni called last night.  She has to go back to Ethiopia to take care of some legal matters.  She can't take Cash.  They don't have same view of service dogs there and she would have to go through a lot of quarrantine.  Could I take care of him while she's gone?

Sure, why not?  We're not going anywhere right now.  We already have the always loving sweetie pie Teddy and the extremely elderly Shirra.  Eleni expects to be gone two or three weeks but I'm wondering if there's possibly delays in Ethiopian courts.  I'll find out.  How is Cash with cats?  She's coming over on Thursday with Cash.

We could have five dogs at xmas.

Eleni does not let blindness stand in her way.  She's known for her bike riding and art projects.  She gets around wherever she wants to go.

I looked around for a picture.  Sure enough, here's a picture of Eleni with Rev. Jesse Jackson and Cash at the Microsoft Shareholder Meeting less than a year ago.  Apparently asked, as a shareholder, for Microsoft to be more sensitive to the needs of disabled.

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