Sunday, November 1, 2015

Annual meeting

This morning, Dennis and I went to the annual meeting of the Washington State Jewish Historical Society.  Right now, I feel so overwhelmed!  I knew they had moved to a new location and I convinced Dennis to come with me.  He had a good time, I think.  My project, I'm doing with thsir sponsorship, help, approval, cooperation, whatever.   The director thought that I would be able to get some people to interview.  An impressive turnout, at least 60 or so people there.  Interesting topics, strong interest in new projects, several new board members including younger people.  I got mentioned plus a chance for a moment to describe my project.

Quite a few older people which is my demographic as I want people's reactions before 1960, so do the math.  I have 12 people signed up to talk to!  Plus I have two interviews this week.  This is a real target group as they are interested in the history of the Jewish community and would likely participate in a project.  Expecially a project blessed by the executive director.  Some people gave me names and numbers of others and said I could use their name.

Man oh man, do I have a ton of work to do.  I remain optimistic, this project will work, I really think so.  I will confirm my Tuesday appt I made but I really don't want to start calling people until I have a little space.

It's just like a wedding in that there was some wonderful bagels, but those involved never get a chance to have any.

Did I mention that Dennis and I both thought that we were the one to buy the Halloween candy so we both did and we only had a very few trick or treaters.  Happens every year.

The photo is a picture commissioned for a successful exhibit about Jewish businesses in Washington State.  They also have completed a book on local Jewish athletes.  They had a new office which we visited, it's good, all good

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