Monday, October 5, 2015

M/V Malaspina

We'll go to Alaska on this boat, the M/V Malaspina.  Part of the Alaskan Ferry system rather than a cruise ship.  It goes up the inside passage of British Columbia to Southeast Alaska, Sitka, Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway.  Not sure that's the right order.  People who live and work in these areas take this boat.  Lots of people pitch a tent on the deck.  Three days up and three days back.  We'll have a cabin but one without a window.  It's part of a package tour, a Road Scholar trip (used to be elderhostel).  Dennis was going to go with his mother but then she decided not to go so I said I would go with him.

It's not fancy!  Looks a lot like the Washington State Ferries in decor.  It does have a big recliner room; I think people can sleep there if they want.  We were watching youtube videos last night,  We wanted to see what the little cabins looked like and, most important, how big the luggage area was.  We found one that showed it.  Very very helpful.

There's no planes involved for us so we don't have to go strictly by the airline standards.  I can take whatever I want within reason.  That's the answer.  It's real small but it does have it's own bathroom.  Really just a box with bunk beds.  Also you could put the suitcases on the lower bunk during the day.

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