Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I'm collecting

This is somebody else's collection but I'm building one.  One concern I have for our upcoming trip is seasickness.  I've never been on a trip on a ship.  As I mentioned, this is the Alaska ferry, not a cruise ship.

My doctor asks if I tend to get carsick.  No.  I'll probably be ok.  But I've bought one of those wrist bands using accupressure points.  And I've got a whole bunch of conventional remedies.  If I hear of another one, I run to the pharmacy and buy another overpriced small package.  Dennis is prone to inner ear problems, came home from work feeling badly.  He tried one, a form of dramamine that turned out to be ginger root and he was feeling better after awhile.

I've read that it's better to take this before you get sick rather than after.  OK, I'll try that.

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