Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Lake Forest Dark

I just got my power back last evening.  We had been out 2 1/2 days.  Big windstorm came through.  I think that I would move just to avoid these power outages.  Whenever the wind come up, I get all stressed, what if I lose my power, what if I lose my power?  I joke that the only good thing about losing your power was that you no longer have to worry about losing your power.

But here's the reason why.  This is around the corner, not two blocks away.  What you don't see is the snapped power pole just to my right and the pulled out transformer on a pole behind me.  That huge tree laying on the wires.  I can't even imagine what damage that does. What a  giant mess!

This happened Saturday noon and Sunday evening, a lone City Light guy said that maybe they would get to it tomorrow.  Yikes.  But Sunday evening, the equipment showed up and a whole crew worked all night and the next day.  There's a picture of the site on the front page of the Seattle Time this morning.  After they moved the tree,

I don't have to tell anybody how stressful and distressing it is to be out that long.

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