Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Samuel Goldfarb

A big personality in the history of the Jewish community.  Ran the music program at Tenmple De Hirsch for 30 years.  Known for his set of choirs starting with the Children's Choir and advancing up to the choir that performed at the services.  He also played the organ and, according to the legend, conducted with his eyebrows.

Also a prolific composer of choral and musical works.  I think he might have composed "I have a little dreidl"  There's some vinyl records at Special Collections and also a DVD version which I listened to yesterday.  I'd like a copy of the children's choir part maybe to play for some of the older adults.  Music can trigger powerful memories.  Costs at least $62 to get the library to duplicate the CD.  Ouch, pretty stiff.

People still remember him; the rabbis there really value music.  Yet it's Beth Am with the reputation for the strong music.  I don't know all of the deal about the Jewish community here.

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