Monday, August 24, 2015

Mothers Day 1994

In Rockford Illinois, not here.

21 years ago.

My father and mother stand with my grandmother outside of Wesley Willows.  Probably they've just come to visit.  But my father, especially, is dressed up.  Maybe they had some special luncheon so everybody wanted to look nice.  That's one thing about my family of origin.  You were always supposed to dress nicely.  Very important.

Somehow that message never quite rubbed off on me.  But my mother tried, really tried, always pointing out that I never was dressed nice enough.  Not to her standards, anyway.  sigh.  What can you do with those tapes playing in our head?

We were talking about childhood tapes playing in your head in a team meeting today.  And how powerful those memories and conversations are.

So as I do, how old was everybody in this picture.  My father is 68, my mother 70, my grandmother 94.  Everybody's looking pretty darn good.

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