Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ilana - wedding action shot

#6 in the series for Ilana week.  She wanted to be featured on the blog for a while week for her birthday

Here's Ilana at her wedding a year ago in June.

Hmmm, does it look like it's going downhill a bit?  Oh well, meant to be, evens out the heights a bit.  During the actual ceremony with the officiant who turned out to be the girlfriend of an ex-neighbor, who knew?

It's an action shot, some advice or vows or something.  Ilana was a bit emotionally overwhelmed, a little sobby.  And, like all newlyweds, they were happy for it to be over.  You can kind of see the Delia lace that's hanging on the back of he dress (150 years old!  been on just about every wedding dress).  One little miscue, she has a beautiful flower in her hair.  But it's facing the wrong direction.  If that's our only problem....

So happy anniversary Ilana and Matt, a little late.

And now we are into another wedding.  3 in 4 years, just lucky I guess.

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