Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ilana mid high school

We'll end Ilana week with some shots from mid high school.

Ilana decided to take a trip on her own in the summer using her saved money.  I suggested the east coast relatives.  That girl's so plucky, she called up these relatives she had nevervisited and asked if she could come.  Now, I think she's closer to Mary Ann and Aunt Elgie.  But, at that time, there was no way we could afford to go on airplane trips.

In the first shot, she's at the top of East Rock in New Haven, looking down into the neighborhood where her grandmother grew up.  Many thanks to my cousin Mary Ann for showing her the sights and then, I think, driving her to Boston.  Always many many thanks to Mary Ann (the brains of the operation).

In the second shot, Ilana is running in an event. I think that's the half marathon that she ran around Thanksgiving time.  And she made it!  This was the beginning?  the end?  Half marathon, I'm impressed.

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