Sunday, June 28, 2015


Dennis and I had a quiet day; I found the San Francisco Pride parade on a webcast and we enjoyed having that on.  So corporate though, tons of companies (Apple, Safesay, Intel) with big contingents of marchers.  They didn't really have a message, just marched in the parade. Ilana was in the middle of it.  She was trying to get her Business Librarian committee work done at ALA at the Moscone Center right on Market Street.

The librarians were marching.  Some suggested that they all go together to the Parade which was right outside.  But Ilana had been waiting all year to have these meetings and she didn't want to give them up.

I did capture some good pictures.  But still, this one, on the front of the paper impressed me most.  The White House lit with the pride colors.  Cool.

The Pride festivities got a huge boost with the Supreme Court decision.  But, I don't believe that means that any same gender couple can automatically marry immediately in those 34 states.  But that decision sets the stage. 

Of course, it's good news for our family as it strengthens marriage.

I think back to my Women's Study class of last summer taught by a transgender man.  He opposed the idea of so many resources going into gay marriage.  The message was 'we're just like you.' which is very powerful.  But he sniffed at it, "But we're not like you.  Don't pretend we are." he said.

A quiet day is good.

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