Monday, May 4, 2015

On the steps on Orange Street

How about some pictures?

Yesterday, the History Weekend event was a tour of the old Mishkan Israel Building on Orange Street.  The cornerstone laying occurred in 1896 with the building dedicated the next year.  The congregation moved to Hamden in 1960 and their original building (how could they give this place up?) eventually became an arts high school.  The religious school kids and anybody else interested toured their old building on Sunday morning.  At the end, the rabbi wanted a picture of everybody on the steps.  I wanted to be in the picture but I was the only one with a camera (several others took pictures with their phones).  Rabbi is center right in the tan suit behind the boy in the red striped suit.  Dennis and Mary Ann are on the far right.  You can see my hat and water bottle lower right. That's my stamp....

I talked up the box in the cornerstone at every opportunity.  Actually I met the key useful guy, the maintenance man.  He's the guy who could really poke around.  Didn't get his name but I talked to him.

I guess we do it for our mothers.

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