Tuesday, May 5, 2015

At the Country Club

One of our events during our time in New Haven was a lunch with Judy W.  Who is kind of related.  Actually, she's the widow of my mother's second cousin.  We had some fun conversations and she suggested that we get together.  So I took her up on it.  My cousin Mary Ann suggested that we take her to lunch.  She countered that she would take us to lunch at 'her club' in Greenwich.

Even with the directions she sent and two GPS sources, we got lost and had quite a tour of greater Greenwich. Now, if you are wondering where the money resulting from income inequality is going, look no further, it's going to the big estates in Greenwich.  RIIIIICCCCHHHH people.

We finally found the country club, marveling to each other how we could have missed it because we had driven right past it.  We found Judy and had a lovely lunch.  I'm trying to get a variation printed to send as a thank you note.  However my rite aid acct is hopelessly screwed up.  She showed us Paul Weil's watch and insisted on giving us the little tiny picture inside it.  Who?  My guess was Johanna Weil, Paul's wife.  My great great grandmother.

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