Tuesday, May 12, 2015


A version of the group picture we took at JJ's house towards the end of the dinner.  All people who showed up at Crown College, UCSC in the fall of 1970.  45 years later people.  That time and place, the people who were drawn (and were accepted) there.  Idealistic, young, eccentric, bright.  Thinking back to those times, it was everything I yearned for.  And the experience delivered.  The landscape, at the time I thought it was the most beautiful place in the world.  Still do.  And the other students, I loved them all!

JJ has pointed out that almost everybody there was from Jewish families.  How did I not realize that?\

Perfect place for the party.  At JJ's house.  I knew it would be great.  So glad I went.  Dennis was the only non Crownie spouse there; he took the picture.

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