Thursday, March 26, 2015

The cornerstone

The good news...I submitted the short scrapbook paper.

The cornerstone; work has got to be done on this cornerstone.  On the old Mishkan Israel building built in 1896.  Now a magnet arts school.  They made a big deal when they laid this cornerstone.  The excerpt from the newspaper mentions what was put in the cornerstone.  Including a history of the congregations, some newspapers.  So it's history year at Mishkan Israel (New Haven).

So I ask Mary Ann, what about the cornerstone, did they ever get the stuff out of the cornerstone?  Mary Ann tells me, oh yes, she saw a newspaper article from years ago that they took the stuff from the cornerstone.  Probably when they sold the building in 1960.

So where's the stuff?  I think there's a history written by Maier Zunder.  I want it.  Or at least to look at it.  So I have my contact for the History celebration.  I'm meeting her on the first day that I'm there to see if we can see pictures of the intact stained glass before it broke and was put into the rotunda of their new place.

She's never heard of the cornerstone.  What?  How can you never have heard of the cornerstone?  OK, I do have an admission, when you crest the 20th century, my history gets real vague.  She bumped it up to the rabbi.  I cannot find the newspaper article.  Did my Genealogy Bank subscription expire?  What?  I gave them like $100.  For two years; maybe two years ago.

So, somewhere is the stuff from the cornerstone.  I'm a gonna find it.

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