Friday, March 27, 2015


Scary place, scary pose and especially scary lack of image quality.

We came to Eugene and went to a softball game and the now Historic Howe Field.  Only people we recognized was Becky S and Assistant Coach Chelsea S both greeted us warmly.  Great game if you are an Oregon Duck and not a Washington Husky.  Oregon mercied Washington in 5 innings plus Cheridan Hawkins pitched a perfect game.

Then we considered our favorite things to do in Eugene.  Had the leisurely dinner at the Glenwood, went up to Hendricks Park to look at the rhodys; a little early some good magnolia action though.  Then to Dorris Ranch to look at the creepy filbert trees at dusk.  What can be creepier than that.  Capped off natch by the trip to Prince Puckler's ice cream.  As Dennis has said, no trip is complete without a trip to Prince Puckler's.  The Obamas stopped there on a campaign stop in 2008.  It's a very modest place but anybody might be in there.

OK Dennis and I were fooling around about the creepy filbert trees.  I don't know any way of fixing this image just this second.  We were having fun..

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